The Wendell Estate is one of the Legends (specifically a Location) that can be encountered in Nightfall: Cryptic. Wendell Estate can be found in The Flats Region.


The Wendell Estate is a smaller mansion, albeit bigger than most surrounding buildings. It is a historic house, even having a turret and lightning rod, as well as a wrought-iron fence that surrounds the premises. It has fallen into some disrepair, with some shingles and paint falling off. The player cannot enter the house, but they can investigate the surroundings, and will find strange figures and floating furniture through the windows. At night, bats will appear around the estate.

How to Locate

The house is easy to spot, and is almost a little out of place. It is located at the "wealthy end" of the suburbs, to the south, with other small mansions. Vic Wolfe will not receive credit for simply finding the house, he will need to photograph some of the strange occurrences.


  • The bats that appear at night will sometimes fly from the windows as a group, a reference to the Scooby Doo! Where are You theme song.
  • This estate bears some similarities to the haunted mansion located in the Suburbia level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.
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