Wantapa County, Oklahoma, is a fictional location that serves as the main setting of Nightfall: Cryptic.

Vic Wolfe traveled here for a week-long camping trip to start his cryptozoologist career off strong. It has gained a reputation as being a hot-spot for all kinds of supernatural activity, ranging from alien abductions to ghost activity to bigfoot sightings. It is located in central Oklahoma, consisting of the small city of Wantapa, the county's namesake, and other neighboring towns. North of Wantapa is the large Lake Ninikan and the powerful Wantapa river that wraps around the western side of the county. The small town of Dasoonag sits alongside the lake, and is the second most populated area. The notorious Murpheree Intersection lies between the two towns.

Wantpa County, aside from the two central towns, also includes surrounding regions, such as the arid and desert-like Saguaro Dunes, the heavily-wooded and mountainous Pine Hillsides, and the farmland-dominated Sigma Township.


There are seven different Regions that make up the game world.


Region Description
Dasoonag A quaint little port town located on the shores of Lake Ninikan, complete with a marina
Downtown Wantapa A bustling city with skyscrapers as far as the eye can see
The Flats A sprawling suburban development complex, complete with a recreation center and a small shopping area
Wizzly World An old boardwalk-style amusement park situated along the side of Lake Ninikan

Neighboring Areas

Region Description
Sigma Township An isolated area, far from the hustle and bustle of city life, known for its cornfields and farmland
Pine Mountains A heavily wooded, mountainous, and very uninhabited area with coniferous trees
Saguaro Dunes A vast, arid desert named for the large number of cactuses that dot the lanscape
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Wantapa County, Oklahoma
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