Vic Wolfe is the main protagonist of Nightfall: Cryptic.

He is a college student and horror fan who decides to take a week-long camping trip to the nearby Wantapa County in search of supernatural beings and occurrences.


Born to an Inuit father and American mother in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Vic grew up fascinated by ghost stories, alien sightings, and movie monsters. Collecting books, toys, posters, movies, and anything else he could relating to his obsession, he always wanted to be a ghost hunter or something similar. While his knowledge of the supernatural was vast, he was lacking in most academic subjects and slacked throughout high school.

As a result of this, he was unable to obtain scholarships and therefore unable to go to the college of his choice. Vic's father, vice-dean of Green Valley Medical School was able to enroll Vic for next to nothing and did so, not wanting his son to go through life without a degree of any kind. While attending medical school, he soon became bored of the subject and still wanted to be in the field of the supernatural. During his Spring Break, he decides to go on a week-long camping trip to the nearby city of Wantapa, allegedly a hot-spot for supernatural activity.


Vic is of average height with a slim endomorphic body type. He has wavy, medium length jet black hair and black monolid eyes. He usually wears black rimmed glasses and has some light stubble.

During the events of the game, he wears a grey T-shirt with an image of Fox Mulder's "I Want to Believe" poster from the The X Files franchise. Over this, he wears a dark blue rain jacket, as well as a black camping backpack with grey detailing. He also sports faded blue jeans and grey tennis shoes with white stripes. Vic also sports a black and blue digital sports watch with a compass on his right wrist, as well as a yellow lanyard on his left belt loop containing his keys and several small tools.


Vic is clumsy and sort of dorky at times. Despite this, he is mostly brave in the face of danger, and appears to be seasoned and well-taught in the wilderness, especially for being on his own. He seems to be comfortable alone, not seeming to mind the loneliness or desolation.

However, this definitely does not mean he is unwelcoming to people, as he typically takes a cheerful demeanor to others. It is revealed that he was a big slacker in high school and was unable to receive scholarships, despite him ironically being a research expert and having a nearly genius-level IQ.


  • Vic Wolfe is named after his voice actor, game designer Justin Wolfe, founder of Toshiko Games.
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