The Underwater Idol is one of the Legends (specifically a Location) that can be encountered in Nightfall: Cryptic. The Underwater Idol can be found in the Dasoonag Region.


The idol is an 10 foot tall, completely submerged statue of a genderless, long-haired figure erected on the lake floor. It was likely used for worship of some kind, and may still be. The face is very simplistic, having only a visible nose and brow. It is donned in a robe and has its arms outstretched. Barnacles and algae are growing all over the statue, and make the plaque illegible. It makes up the western point of the Wantapa Triangle.

How to Locate

The statue is on the floor of the lake, near the Saguaro Dunes shore, northeast of Baumer Island.


  • This legend is based on the Christ of the Abyss statue, obviously with the countenance being changed from Jesus.
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