The Serial Killer's Dungeon is one of the Legends (specifically a Location) that can be encountered in Nightfall: Cryptic. The Serial Killer's Dungeon can be found in the Pine Mountains Region.


The "dungeon" is actually the home of a very intelligent and morbid serial killer who enjoyed puzzles. By the time Vic reaches the house, the killer had already committed suicide out of boredom, hanging himself in his attic. The house itself is a two-story farmhouse. To progress through the house, the player must solve a brief gauntlet of posthumous puzzles to make their way through his basement and wine cellar that he had used as a torture dungeon. It is one of the most intricate and frightening locations in the game.

How to Locate

The Dungeon is located a ways south of the fork in the Wantapa River, on the east side of the river. This area is pretty much absent of other houses, so it will be easy to notice.


  • The serial killer's appearance, personality, and house are amalgams of real life serial killers, primarily Jeffrey Dahmer, H.H. Holmes, Ed Gein, and Ted Bundy.
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