Saguaro Dunes is a Region of Wantapa County, Oklahoma, and it is one of seven explorable Regions in Nightfall: Cryptic. It is tied with Pine Mountains as the largest region in the game.

The Saguaro Dunes are located to the east of Wantapa County, making up the west lakeside of Lake Ninikan. After the nutrients were leached from the land by the lake and human activity, the area became an arid, man-made desert. Several species of cacti were manually introduced for decoration, most notably the saguaro, giving the dunes their namesake. The dunes can be reached by driving west on the Murpheree Intersection.

At the center of the dunes is the Saguaro Duning Center, a recreational facility with duning vehicles available for rent. Several road highway eateries and businesses surround the duning center. To the north is the ghost town of Colina. The Gaston Bridge is to the north, connecting the dunes to Sigma Township.


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