The Red-Weed is one of the Legends (specifically an Object) that can be encountered in Nightfall: Cryptic. The Red-Weed can be found in the Saguaro Dunes Region.


The red-weed is a strange looking red vine-like mass that slowly spreads around the desert. The weed is positioned near a small ranch, and it will cover the surface of the building and its fence. At night, the weed gives off a slight purplish glow. If Vic Wolfe is near it, he will be slowly drained of energy, and if he touches it it will drain faster.

How to Locate

The Red-Weed always spawns near a small ranch that is located north of Area 52 and west of Colina.


  • This legend is an interpretation of the Red Weed from the classic H.G Wells story, War of the Worlds.
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