The Pterodactylman is one of the Legends (specifically a Person) that can be encountered in Nightfall: Cryptic. The Pterodactylman can be found in the Dasoonag Region.


Pterodactylman is a deformed Caucasian human standing nearly six feet in height. His lips have been charred from the fire and have hardened into a crusty, black, beak-like structure. His eyes are small and generally squint due to his aversion to bright lights. His ears are small and his hair has all been burnt off. His most notable feature is his "wings", which are in reality flaps of skin that have melted off and re-solidified as large bingo wing-like structures. He generally is seen wearing a pair of burnt brown slacks and a wife beater with dried blood stains.


The Pterodactylman is very similar in behavior to the Pigman. Although the Pigman still shows some semblance of humanity in his mannerisms, the Pterodactylman is completely feral and will chase Vic Wolfe on all fours if approached.

How to Locate

The Pterodactylman can usually be found stalking Smoochin' Point, where he will attack if approached. During the day, he is nowhere to be seen, but he generally can be found at any time from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM.


  • Near the parking lot of Smoochin' Point, a small burnt-down shack can be found in a dense cluster of trees. During the day, ragged clothes can be found sitting on the windowsill. This implies that the Pterodactylman lives here, and it is implied by dialogue from local townsfolk that his current appearance is due to a raging fire that burnt down his shed.
  • The Pterodactylman is loosely based on the Donkey Lady legend of San Antonio, Texas. They are both deformed humans changed into their current forms by a house fire.
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