The Pigman is one of the Legends (specifically a Person) that can be encountered in Nightfall: Cryptic. The Pigman can be found in the Pine Mountains Region.


The Pigman is a large burly Caucasian human, presumably middle-aged. His body is relatively hairy and poorly bathed, suggesting a hermit-like existence. The Pigman wears a tattered pair of overalls dotted with mud stains and patches, and he lacks both a shirt and footwear of any kind. His most notable characteristic is the severed, rotting pig head that he wears as a mask, obscuring his real face.


The Pigman is a highly aggressive individual who carries an axe and will viciously attack Vic Wolfe if the latter strays too close. Thankfully, the Pigman does not stray too far from his hunting grounds, so it is easy to avoid him simply by detouring around that area.

How to Locate

The Pigman can be found roaming Mount Mammoth near the Murder Cabin, implied to be his home. He usually can be found wandering the area at either dusk or dawn; he is nowhere to be found during the day.


  • The Pigman is loosely inspired by the Bunnyman legend prevalent in the Washington, D.C. area of the United States. Like the Pigman, the Bunnyman is a deranged madman associated with wooded areas and butchered animal corpses.
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