Nick Vargas is a minor character in Nightfall: Cryptic.

Nick is Vic Wolfe's roommate at Green Valley Medical School. Though the two get along well, Nick doesn't really consider Vic a friend outside of the dorm.


At some point Nick (willingly, unlike Vic) applied and was accepted into Green Valley, where he was matched with Vic based on the results of a housing survey. He helps run an on-campus haunted house in the fall.


Nick is somewhat tall, thin, and has an athletic build. He has straight jet black hair with a bit of a fringe, and dark brown eyes. He has tan skin and occasionally wears ear gauges.

He is shown wearing a red V-neck graphic T-shirt and a patterned black hoodie, as well as canvas sneakers and dark blue-grey jeans.


Nick is more outgoing, extroverted, and popular than Vic. He is somewhat "emo" in appearance but acts friendly and helpful. He is funny and overall likable. Even though he doesn't hang out with Vic much outside of the dorm, he is still polite to him and tries to make small talk with him, even if it is a little bit awkward.


  • Nick is an amalgam of people creator Isaac Tessman has known throughout his life.
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