The Mass Web is one of the Legends (specifically a Location) that can be encountered in Nightfall: Cryptic. The Mass Web can be found in the Pine Mountains Region.


The mass web is a massive group of cobwebs strung between a large, dead oak tree, a small hermit shack, and several surrounding trees. It appears to have been built over some time by dozens or even hundreds of spiders. Pinned against the wall of the shack is a mummified human corpse with a look of fear permanently affixed on his face- likely the hermit that inhabited the shanty.

How to Locate

The web is located directly southeast of the fork in the Wantapa River, deep into the woods.


  • This legend is not entirely unrealistic, as some long-jawed spiders are able to create webs of this size in a few weeks based on conditions. It is, however, unknown how the human was killed and pinned to the shack.
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