The Lead Mask Incident is one of the Legends (specifically a Phenomenon) that can be encountered in Nightfall: Cryptic. The Lead Mask Incident can occur in the Pine Mountains Region.


Vic Wolfe will come across two men speaking portuguese, acting in a very peculiar manner. They are hispanic, wearing yellow raincoats over business suits, eyes covered by lead domino masks. One will be holding a bottle and a package of towels, and the other with a notebook and pen. They appear to be observing some unseen entity. When Vic attempts to approach, a bright blue light is seen. Both men will fall to the ground, with the lead masks glowing red hot momentarily, partially melted, before fading back to silver.

How to Locate

The incident will take place deep into the woods of Pine mountains around 6:00. To experience it, simply be in the forest at this time and walk around until you find the pair of men.


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