The Hayloft Lurker is one of the Legends (specifically a Being) that can be encountered in Nightfall: Cryptic. The Hayloft Lurker can be found in the Sigma Township Region.


The Hayloft Lurker is reportedly the ghost of a man who was kept hidden from society, locked in the hayloft of a barn, because of a hideous facial deformity. Legend has it that, if driving or walking past a barn at night, one looking into an open hayloft will see the Lurker glaring back.

Due to only being seen from a distance, the extent of the Lurker's deformed face is unclear. Being starved to death, he is very thin. His skin has turned greyish due to a lack of sunlight, and he doesn't appear to be wearing clothes. His hands are stained with the blood of whatever birds, bats, or mice he had to kill and eat in an attempt to survive.


The Lurker is found kneeling right by the open hayloft doors, leaning out into the night, with his hands resting on the sides of the doorway for support.

How to Locate

The Lurker can appear in any of several Haylofts scattered throughout the barns of Sigma Township. While it is impossible to gain access to the Hayloft, the player can still see the creature through the camera's zoom function.

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