Gaston Bridge is an area in the Sigma Township region that connects it to the Saguaro Dunes region.

The Gaston Bridge is a steel-and-cement suspension bridge, and the largest bridge in Wantapa County. It connects the regions of the Saguaro Dunes and Sigma Township, and is positioned to the north of Lake Ninikan.

Known Legends

  • Locations:
    • Suicide Bridge: The suicide bridge is actually the Gaston Bridge itself. The man will leap from the center of the bridge into Lake Ninkan below.
  • Cryptids:
    • Mothman: The top of the eastern pillar is a likely spot for Mothman to appear. He will occasionally leave the pillar and fly over the countryside.
  • Objects:
    • Ghost Cars: Can appear here, and will drive off the edge of the bridge into the lake below. A woman can be heard screaming as the car dives.

The bridge is also a good vantage point, making it ideal for sighting the legends of Lake Ninkan from afar, such as the Loch Brawrg Monster or the Ghost Ship.


  • The bridge's name refers to Lt. Bailey Gaston, a character from developer Isaac Tessman's other work, Fort City.