The Enraged Psychic is one of the Legends (specifically a Person) that can be encountered in Nightfall: Cryptic. The Enraged Psychic can be found in the Downtown Wantapa Region.


The psychic is a lanky homeless-looking man in his 20s. He has blonde medium-length hair that is greasy, as well as unkempt stubble and blue eyes. He wears a dirty brown hoodie with the hood up, along with fingerless gloves, jeans, tennis shoes, and a wallet with a chain.


He will not be hostile towards Vic, in fact, he almost ignores him completely. If any pedestrians are near, they will run away screaming. He will emerge from an alley, storming toward an apartment complex. We he walks down the sidewalk, streetlights will flicker off and shatter, and parked cars will shake with the alarms blaring. Some nearby newspapers and boxes will blow away as if there is a strong wind. He will rip the double doors of the apartments off their hinges with his mind, and hurl them across the street. He will then block off the entrance with a desk and some chairs, again using his mind. Crashing noises are heard, followed by a man's scream, and all psychic activity stops.

How to Locate

The psychic will appear in the bad part of town, the southeast. The apartment complex is actually located by taking the first right after entering town from the gas station. His chances of showing up are random, but more common at night.

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