Dasoonag is a Region of Wantapa County, Oklahoma, and it is one of seven explorable Regions in Nightfall: Cryptic.

Situated on the southern shores of Lake Ninikan, the town of Dasoonag is a small port town that has its own group of elected officials but still functions as a smaller district of Wantapa County. The town is just north of the Murpheree Intersection. Thanks to its beachside location, Dasoonag (Ojibwe for "so many boats") was able to generate a booming economy based on fishing. The town is also connected to the Wizzly World Fun Park on the eastern shore of the lake via a small bascule bridge.

The lake itself contains two islands, Baumer Island and Ovid Island. Baumer Island is a rocky and hilly island while Ovid Island is mostly flat, dense, and wooded. Ovid island is connected to the mainland by a small footbridge, while Baumer island is only accessible by swimming or by boat.


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