The D.B Cooper Crash Site is one of the Legends (specifically a Location) that can be encountered in Nightfall: Cryptic. The D.B Cooper Crash Site can be found in the Pine Mountains Region.


The crash site is primarily based around the long-lost wreckage of a crashed 1971 Aero Commander 500 personal airplane, the crash seemingly caused by action being taken to avoid Mount Mammoth. Near the wreckage is busted open briefcase, cracked sunglasses that have been discarded, and a bloodied necktie with a nacre tie clip. Some remnants of scorched twenty dollar bills can be found in and around the briefcase. Yards away from the wreckage is a tan parachute tangled in the treetops.

How to Locate

The crash site is located at the southern foot of Mount Mammoth in Pine Mountains. The most visible part in the dark is the tan parachute stuck in the trees nearby.


  • This legend is obviously based on the famous D.B Cooper highjacking. Vic Wolfe theorizes that the plane in the wreckage is a second plane that Cooper had an accomplice ready for him after he landed in Washington in order to escape pursuit. It is unknown what happened to Cooper after the crash, but as there are no human remains present, he seems to have survived.
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