The Burger Boy Ring, also called Burgerhenge, is one of the Legends (specifically a Location) that can be encountered in Nightfall: Cryptic. The Burger Boy Ring can be found in the Pine Mountains Region.


The Burger Boy Ring is a circular arrangement of statues, all being variations of the mascot for the fictitious fast food restaurant, Burger Boy (obviously a play on Big Boy). The character has black parted hair, a wide smile, and white and black checkered suspenders over a red T shirt. His arm is outstretched, holding a large cartoon cheeseburger. Most of the statues have deteriorated some amount, but a few are in nearly mint condition. They vary in size and model, some appearing to be older versions of the character. The origins of this statue are very mysterious, as some of the statues are too large to be moved with ease. Some locals have given the site the nickname "Burgerhenge".

How to Locate

Burgerhenge is located in Pine Mountains, deep into the woods just south of Sigma Township, near a small creek. Due to the bright colors, it is fairly easy to spot.


  • Burgerhenge is heavily based on a humorous call to a Michigan radio station about a man who was intoxicated with his friend in the woods and described a ring of Big Boy statues. He told the story to the radio show Free Beer and Hot Wings, and the hosts ridiculed him and made fun of his paranoia, saying "there wasn't some monster with a tractor beam" behind it. This "ring" turned out to be part of a Michigan collector's personal collection of statues.
  • Sometimes when the location is revisited, a strange warbling noise can be heard, accompanied by the addition of a new statue. This again references the "tractor beam" in the radio call.
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